How To Get A Good Website Ranking On Google Page


Today after reading this post you are going to learn how to get website ranking on google first page breaks. Some of the  website owners, few things are more important than getting a good rank on Google. Why? Its simply the best way to get new users and customers to your website. If you are buried on page 40, you will not be able to get the type of traffic you want.

Now, the first step you have to take to make sure that your website rank on google page is to make sure that your website is set up correctly.

Another important aspect of how to get a good website ranking on google page is to link your site to other high-profile sites. Get an Seo guide and read after reading the guide, implement it onto your website for your website to rank quickly.

The spiders like sites that are well connected, but you don’t want to link to just any sites out there.

You want to choose sites that are related in some way to your business or service and are sites that are also highly ranked on Google.

The total number of pages your site has is also another important part of getting a good Google ranking.

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Opinions vary as to just what constitutes an appropriate number of pages to attract the spiders,

but its safe to say that the more pages you have, the more opportunities there are for you to be found.

So start with twenty or so and add to them as you can.

You will also need to submit your website to the Open Directory Project.

Google tends to favor websites that are listed here. Make sure to have your most important keywords in both the description and title.

Its generally considered best to submit your index page, then others if you can. Don’t fall prey to the desire to over submit your website information, as you can be penalized for this.

Perhaps, most important, remember that content rules when it comes to both Google ranking and returning visitors.

You want your website content to be informative and keyword enriched.

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Using keywords in your content often is another way to increase the chances that the web spiders find you.

You want to be sure to at least have your keyword in the title and first sentence.

After that, you want to see that the main keyword, along with similar variations are included in the text.

Be wise, though, not to go too heavy on the keywords. Google can penalize you for this as well.

Plus, keyword stuffed content often doesn’t make good reading for your visitors and can turn them off completely.

You want your content to be both reader and spider friendly.

To ensure you have your site pages enhanced, you will need to peruse as much as you can about the utilization of catchphrases. In case you’re not an essayist or the catchphrase thickness rules give you a cerebral pain, you can contract an independent author to do the composition for you.

Elance, Guru and Rent-a-coder are great destinations to discover scholars who routinely do catchphrase article composing and for good rates. Leaving the composition to another person gives you an opportunity to would what you like to do focus on run.



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